Pat Cole (1934-2021)

Pat came to Lyme Regis in the late ‘70s to run the Monmouth Hotel with Eric.

They joined Lyme Regis Bowling Club in 1981 and that year she won the Ladies Handicap singles and so began a lifelong love of Bowls.

She was a first-rate bowler in her day, winning the club singles on three occasions, also pairs and various other club competitions. Captain of the Ladies section on more than one occasion, Ladies secretary and treasurer also. She was Involved in the club Annual Tournament for many years, running it for approximately 16. Still organising the advertising for the programme of 2021.

Club President on more than one occasion and for all her dedication and hard work she was awarded Life Membership of the club in 2004.

She was Dorset County Women’s Bowling Association President in 1991 and Dorset Women's Bowling League President in 1997. She also played for the County, gaining her John’s Badge.

Her love of the game extended to Indoors and was a member of Bridport Indoor Bowling Club. Very supportive of the club especially when their new clubhouse opened in providing electronic scoreboards and crockery.

She was President of Dorset County Ladies Indoor Bowling Association in 2011-2012.

In latter years health dictated that Pat’s bowling days were over but she was very supportive of all club events and would regularly come and watch friendlies and competitions, enjoying meeting everyone and promoting the game of bowls. Until the last couple of years she would be seen supporting County winners at Leamington.

She will be sadly missed at Lyme Regis and around the county.

Sue Rowe (Lyme Regis BC)

Gordon Cox (4 June 2021)

Gordon started his lawn bowls at Blandford Bowls Club some 25 years ago & was Club President in 2003.

He started volunteering to play for Dorset County Bowling Association and was instrumental in setting up the new Bowls Dorset during his first Presidential year in 2010, bringing both codes together, Gentlemen & Ladies.

He was President of the Men's Section again in 2012 stepping in at the last moment and was awarded Life membership for his dedication to his County. He played over 200 times for the County plus matches for South West Counties, North Dorset Association & Bowls England celebration matches, for which he travelled far & wide.

He gave up bowls in 2015 due to creaky knees but was talked into returning when I became President in 2017 when we travelled together to County and Bowls England matches where he seemed to know everyone. In 2018 he supported me in my role as Fixture Secretary by becoming County Men's Secretary, once again stepping into the breech.

The Bowling community including myself will miss Gordon, a true servant to lawn bowls.

Tony Ives BEM (Blandford BC)

Hilda Stokes (5 April 2021)

Hilda began bowling indoors (with Dennis) at Moonfleet many years ago when it was situated at the Moonfleet Manor Hotel.  She was part of the Ladies Triples team who were runners-up in the Ladies National 2-wood Triples in 1991;  and then in her Indoor County President’s year she became the Ladies County Singles Champion.

Hilda helped out at Moonfleet as a steward for many years and was part of the County Selection team where she always fought for fairness.

She was also an accomplished outdoor bowler, starting playing at Weymouth and Melcombe Regis and then at Greenhill where, amongst many other achievements, she went to the National Finals at Leamington Spa in the County Fours.  Hilda was also the County President in 1997 when the Dorset ladies reached the final of the Walker Cup.  Although they lost this, there was much celebration at their achievement of reaching the final, back at the hotel which involved plenty of alcohol!

Many years ago, Hilda also won the Ladies Pairs event in the Weymouth Open tournament, no mean feat as bowlers travelled from far and wide to take part in this annual tournament.

Hilda contributed to Greenhill Outdoor Bowls Club in many ways;  she did a weekly stewarding duty, helped with club functions and she also provided the beautiful floral displays around the green perimeters.  Woe betide any of the daily stewards who forgot to water these displays as they would be reminded in no uncertain terms by Hilda!

Hilda bowled well into her 80’s, but when she eventually gave it up, she never failed to support the ladies of Moonfleet and Greenhill, travelling many miles with them when they played in various competitions.  Hilda’s opinion mattered, no matter who you were, and she will be greatly missed by all who knew her.

Anne Chislett (Greenhill BC)

Nancy Bennett (21 August 2020)

Nancy and John moved to Poole from Cornwall in 1984. They joined Poole Park Bowls Club, where they both became active members of the club. Nancy soon involved herself in the running of the club and became Secretary for the Ladies in 1986 until 1996. She won club competitions and represented the Dorset County on many occasions.

Poole Park put Nancy forward for selection of county fixtures in 1995. In 1997 she became Poole Park’s club President guiding 67 lady members, helping and encouraging them in representative games for both PPBC and the County and attending the national championships at Leamington to give her support. Always knowing the correct procedure and etiquette, she was more than happy to give advice. This put her in good stead for when she became County President in 2000 and then stepping up to being secretary when the current secretary, June Culpin sadly died in 2002. In 2010 Nancy and John were very much involved in the bringing the County Association forward, by bringing both Ladies and Gents together to form the County under one heading of Bowls Dorset. Her involvement with the County did not stop at just that, she was also involved with the Dorset Woman’s Bowling League becoming President in 2013.

In 2000 her and John were on the steering committee for the new Poole Park Pavilion. They became Trustees of Poole Park BC and worked tirelessly for the club. The club recognised this hard work and in 2006 made them Life members

Nancy was, along with John, Mr & Mrs Poole Park. She was always ready to step in when things needed to be done or advice given, a knowledge of wealth in all things related to Bowls. She will be missed by all who knew her but especially her club.

Sandie Smith (Poole Park BC)



2022 Season

* Pat Cole (Lyme Regis)
Tony Marshall (Sherborne)
Peter Upjohn (Sherborne)
Terry Baumber (Gillingham)
Evelyn Clarke (Greenhill)
Mike Poushkine (Sherborne)
Pete Read (Greenhill)
Joy Steele (Blandford)
Roy Lench (Broadstone Wessex)
Bob Turnball (Broadstone Wessex and formerly Alexandra Park)
Stephen Clapton (Cranborne)
Tony Gunningham (Shaftesbury)
Phil Baker (Poole Park)
John Bentall (Broadstone Wessex)
Gill Farrance (Verwood)
Jim Keighley (Blandford)
Marion Wake (West Moors)
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Jean Hardstaff (Gillingham and formerly Shaftesbury)
John Moore (Shaftesbury)
Jean Broadbent (Swanage)
Albert Hewitt (West Moors)
Steve Lewis (Wimborne and formerly Blandford)
Tony Wilkinson (Swanage)
Gordon Wallace (Swanage)
Stan Helliwell (Portland Borstal Officers)
Gerry Griffin (Blandford)
Peter Stevenson (Dorchester and formerly Bridport)
Brian Galpin (Bridport)
Gary Cresswell (Ferndown)
John Simmons (West Moors Memorial)
Gordon Ayers (Dorchester)
Eric Cook (West Moors Memorial)
* indicates Past President of Bowls Dorset,
Dorset County BA or Dorset County WBA

2020 / 2021 Seasons

Marjorie Gale (Bridport)
Ivor Perry (Shaftesbury and Sherborne)
Maurice Dingley (Shaftesbury)
Pat Evans (formerly Cutler) (Sherborne)
Tony Hart (Blandford)
Ted Bastable (Shaftesbury)
Jim Cunningham (Sherborne)
Ken Jones (Sherborne)
Ken Sanger (Bridport)
Robert Walford (Poole Park)
Judy Ives (Wellworthy)
Jack Treasure (Sherborne)
Brenda Rowbotham (Wellworthy)
John Hancock (Gillingham)
Ian Thom (Greenhill)
Geoff Whitehead (Weymouth & MR)
Chris Tasker (Lyme Regis)
Madeline Love (Swanage)
* Ray Aldridge (Greenhill)
Bill Ogden (Poole Park)
John Price (West Moors)
Paul Welch (Shaftesbury)
* Nancy Bennett (Poole Park)
Maurice Greenslade (Broadstone Wessex)
* Chris Eales (Poole Park)
Marion Porter (Poole Park)
Frank Partridge (West Moors)
Doreen Randall (Wellworthy and Weymouth & MR)
Gordon Luffman (Gillingham)
Russell Wilson (Poole Park)
Brian Pinhorne (Portland BO)
David Bird (West Moors)
Chris Dixon (Sherborne)
Roy Lindsay (Sherborne)
Terry Fellows (Sherborne)
Graham Rendell (Sherborne)
Brian Wilkes (Wellworthy)
Tony Sargent (Wellworthy)
Roy Lidington (Bridport)
Donnie Marsland (West Moors)
Alfred (Bert) Pluthero (Blandford)
Gaye Hardy (Weymouth & MR)
* Hilda Stokes (Greenhill)
* Gordon Cox (Blandford)
Jackie Emerson-Reed (Shaftesbury)
Gill Hunt (Bridport)
Mike Sabine (Broadstone Wessex)
Syd Culpin (Gillingham)
Mike Roberts (Sherborne)
Barry Smith (Wimborne)
Jean Kesterton (Lyme Regis)
Jen Greening (Blandford)
Bob Broad (Gillingham)
* Gloria Dendy (Sherborne, Dorchester, Blandford)
June Searle (Greenhill)
Joan Eales (Poole Park)
Paul Fudge (Wellworthy)
Bob Moore (Wellworthy)
Margaret Bown Jones (Branksome Park)
Steve Lewis (Blandford and Wimborne)
John Block (Bridport)
* indicates Past President of Bowls Dorset,
Dorset County BA or Dorset County WBA

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