Update - County Championships 2022


6th September 2021

Entry Forms

Bowls Dorset is aware a number of Clubs are keen to have 2022 County Championship and Competition entry forms, so that members' entries can be collected before Clubs start to close at the end of the outdoor season.  Entry forms have not yet been circulated as Bowls England's final decision on formats and qualification for the National Championships 2022 is still awaited.  Bowls Dorset believes it is important that entrants should know details when making their entries.

Bowls England has just put out proposals for brief consultation with County Officials based on the feedback it has received.  It intends such consultation will be completed by Friday 10 September after which next year's details will be publicly announced.

Provided Bowls England's announcement is on schedule, entry forms will be emailed to Clubs by the beginning of next week with a closing date for return of Sunday 31 October 2021.

Update - Friday 10 September 2021

Bowls England has just announced today that it will not be making an announcement on 2022 Championships today, Friday 10 September.  It aims to make a statement next Wednesday 15 September.  As before, Bowls Dorset intends emailing entry forms to Clubs once such statement has been made and it is clear what formats and qualification apply to the 2022 National Championships.

Update - Wednesday 15 September 2021

Bowls England has now released its statement regarding the 2022 National Championships.  The full statement can be read here.

For 2022, all National Championships will be run using the following formats:

  • Singles (including Junior Singles) – 21 up
  • Pairs (including Junior Pairs) – Four bowls 18 ends
  • Triples – Three bowls 18 ends
  • Fours (including Senior Fours) – Two bowls 18 ends
  • Two-bowl singles – Two bowls 21 ends

The same format must be played at all stages of the Championships including county qualifying rounds.  As in 2021, there will be 48 qualifiers
for the National Finals in Championship events. The 13 counties with the most entrants in each event will receive two qualification places and the remainder will receive one.

The Middleton Cup, Johns Trophy, Balcomb Trophy, Walker Cup, White Rose Trophy and Amy Rose Bowl will remain as knockouts for 2022.

Bowls England's decision regarding National Competitions (ie. Senior Singles, Senior Pairs etc) should be reached in the next few weeks.

In light of Bowl England's statement, entry forms for Bowls Dorset County Championships and Competitions will be emailed to Clubs shortly.

Update - Thursday 16 September 2021

Bowls Dorset County Championships and Competitions Entry Forms have now been emailed to Clubs

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