County Results 2022


24th July 2022



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4 Wood Singles Champion: S.Rowe [BSW] Runner-up: C.Wilson [PP]

2 Wood Singles Champion​: D.Rock [G] Runner-up: L.Males [BL]

Pairs Champion​s: M.Clements, A.Chislett [GR] Runners-up: S.Pinson, C.Wilson [PP] 

Triples Champion​s: J.Leake, B.Hodder, P.Cresswell [PP] Runners-up: G. Mitchell, R.Rose, B.Phillips [S]

Fours Champion​s: S.Pinson, C.Wilson, J.Leake, B.Hodder [PP] Runners-up: V.Baxter, S.Harris, R.Veitch, C. Assal [BP]

Senior Fours Champion​s: R.Rose, C.Jones, S.Ford, D.Davidson [S] Runners-up: S.Pinson, D.Davies, C.Wilson, J.Leake [PP]

U25 Singles Champion: M.Tuck [PP] Runner-up: R.Cresswell [PP]

U25 Pairs: No Final (Millie Tuck, Rebecca Cresswell [PP] to play at National Finals)


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4 Wood Singles Champion: M.Puckett [D] Runner-up: T.Poore [BP]

2 Wood Singles Champion: C.Kane [PP] Runner-up: J.Garner [BP]

Pairs Champion​s: T.Devonald-Batt, G.Parker [GR] Runners-up: N.Wood, C.Kane [PP]

Triples Champions: C.Weekes, D.Steadman, B.Paulley [PP] Runners-up: G.Brown, D.Hodgkiss, B.Atkins [PP] 

Fours Champions: J.Cowan, P.Rod, T.Devonald-Batt, G.Parker [GR] Runners-up: C.Weekes, D.Steadman, B.Paulley, C.Kane [PP]

Senior Fours Champions: J.Warby, J.Staddon, R.Granger, J.Garner [BP] Runners-up R.Alford, B.Reid, C.Darcy, I.Sanger [SH] 

U25 Singles Champion: A.Dytham [PP] Runner-up: O.Kenway [PP]

U25 Pairs Champions: R.Scammell, W.Scammell [SH] Runners-up C.Steadman, O.Kenway [PP] 

Competition Finals

to be played
Saturday/Sunday 17/18 September 2022
at Blandford BC


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County Mixed Fours: 


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U16 Singles: Hannah Edwards [BL] v Nesta Roberts [BL]

Unqualified Singles (LUST): 

Cobern Trophy: 

Benevolent Triples: 

Edna Paisley: 

June Culpin: 


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U16 Singles: Leo Bramley [F] -v- Luc Collins [WM]

Champion of Champions: 

Secretaries Cup: B.Adams [G] -v- C.Pickering [BL]

Percy Baker: Poole Park E4 -v- Bridport W1

County Cup: Dorchester -v- Poole Park


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